Why We Exist

The Need: 

Students are entering the workforce and discovering they aren’t as prepared as employers would like them to be. At Navigate, we have an HR and Recruiting background and are aware of the challenges that students are facing. Those challenges range from resume building, interview preparation, integrity in the workplace, email etiquette, compensation expectations, advancement opportunities and so much more.

It’s an overwhelming burden, especially for a recent graduate trying to find their place in the workforce. With all of the pressures of a post-school life, being prepared for the job hunt shouldn’t be a concern.

The Solution: 

At Navigate we are the BRIDGE between student and employer. We are sitting down with recruiting and HR professionals, business leaders, financial experts and senior level executives to make sure that students are well informed on what they’ll need when entering the workforce. We have developed a library of resources that will help students as they begin to cross into the workforce.

We aim to inform, prepare and propel students to be their best self at every stage of the job hunt.

Let Navigate be your guide as you navigate the professional world.